Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lib Dem Conference 2006

John Hemming juggling Our first ever political conference was a double edged experience that left us both wanting more and not wanting to experience it ever again!

What am I talking about...Well we got to the Registration Point fairly easily, but trying to extract useful basic information for newbies to conference from the yellow shirted stewards was probably just as easy as it is to try to communicate with those stewards that walk around a variety of events in flourescent yellow jackets!! As you may tell I am getting a phobia about the colour yellow (so why am I a Lib Dem!)
Following that, we were able to have a nice relaxing evening before the hullaballoo of Sunday.
Sunday was again a mixture of grapling around for answers and just following the crowd. Eventually we worked out where to go and what was going on, before being faced with the welcoming face of disabilty unaware stewards, who spent the whole time talking to my wife (who by the way is not my carer and never has been!!) Come the evening we spent it at another splendid night at one of the prestigous social gatherings of Mr C who it appears can arrange spectacular gatherings whether it be in Wolverhampton or anywhere else you care to mention. Then back on to further fringe meetings this time at the Bloggers Reception, where we had the chance to spend time sunbathing in the rays of that great blue blogger Iain Dale!!! (A photo would show our tongues firmly in cheek whilst meeting him!!)

One tip when trying to drive back late at night from Conference, don't start conversations with people you don't know, otherwise you might end up getting home after sunrise the following day.

All in all it was a good weekend and we didn't want to leave. Highlight of the weekend: Meeting all our friends socially and actually having a bit time to be able to talk to them, going out for a meal at Terre a Terre, opening a door and coming face to face with Ming! Low point: Yellow shirted stewards!

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